Freelance Journalist Nicholas Newman


Nicholas Newman is an experienced freelance journalist, researcher, market analyst, consultant, editor and copywriter


Iam an Oxford based journalist, editor and copywriter. I write extensively for UK and International magazines and websites as well as industry journals, company publications and international media.


I cover many areas including:


energy, business,book reviews, property, transport,

research,technology reviews and features,

clean technology and international comment.

What is my specialist area?


However, my specialist area is the energy sector where I have deep expertise and experience in the related technology, geopolitics, markets, environmental issues and policies involved in the global energy industry business. These include Power Generation, Natural Gas, Shale Gas, LNG, Oil Business , Coal Trading and Mining.


Who do I work for?


I work for:


press both print and online,

business and lobby groups,

governments and governmental associations.



What are your needs?


press both print and online:


Delivering to the point news worthy stories that are on message and in an interesting manner.

business and lobby groups:


Adding you in presenting and publising your concepts, ideas, innovations, strategies, services and products in a manner that will keep you on message with your target audience.

governments and governmental associations


Advice, help with the production and delivery of your communication and policy initiatives. Able through an intimate team of multiskilled, multi-lingual experts able to provide crossborder services ona all media platforms.

I am available for the writing and editing of features, news articles and analysis pieces for B2B and mainstream media, both in the UK and internationally. I am also able to provide writing, editing and production services for reports, research and in-house editorial by firms working in the infrastructure space.


Having worked as a writer and an editor, I have an extensive contacts book comprising professionals, experts, innovators and top industry connections across a variety of sectors.No job is too big or too small and I consider both long-term and one-off projects.



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Tel: +44 (0)1865 762710 Mobile:0758 0469 514

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